Bento: Singapore Street Noodles

Bento: Singapore Street Noodles

Main: Singapore street noodles.

Sides: Sweet corn and sautéed peas.

Fruits/Vegetables: Apple chunks and red grapes.

We make Singapore Street Noodles almost every week, and it’s one of those dishes that never really gets old for us. As with many strongly spiced dishes, it’s even better the next day. As a happy coincidence, when you make it the way we do, bulked up with veggies, it’s also delightfully low in calories. I like mine with a squeeze of lemon, a(nother) dash of Sriracha, and a pinch of Sunny Singapore Seasoning.

Today’s bento came together in a jiffy. I am really enjoying having gotten back to the menu planning. We went exactly one week without one and it was awful. Meals took forever, bentos took forever, and my nerves were constantly frazzled. Now? I just glance at the menu plan in the morning, and I know what to make. It leads to less waste and a much happier cook.

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