Bento: Crab, Chile, and Mint Crostini

Bento: Crab, Chile, and Mint Crostini

Main: Crab, chile, and mint crostini with homemade aïoli.

Sides: Cottage cheese with apricot-pineapple jam.

Fruits/Vegetables: Broccoli with green goddess dressing, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries.

Snacks: Laughing cow cheese.

I made this crostini on a whim. It is a delightful recipe and super quick to prepare. Even the aïoli took no time at all to make from scratch. I wanted to keep the toasted bread crispy, so after toasting, I cooled it on a wire rack and then wrapped it in foil to keep the crab mixture from getting it damp.

I highly recommend the aïoli recipe I linked. I love the tartness of the dijon mustard in there, and it works very well for this crostini. I used a powered hand blender to make it, and it took just a couple of minutes to have it ready.

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