Bento: Palak Paneer & Naan

Bento: Palak Paneer & Naan

Main: Palak paneer (spinach curry with Indian cheese) and naan.

Side: Sweet corn.

Fruits/Vegetables: Grapes.

Snack: Blackberry yogurt.

You. Guys. I made paneer from scratch and nothing went wrong. I was so worried that the paneer wouldn’t hold together and that I’d have to scramble it to make paneer bhurji (which is a lot like anda bhurji, except with paneer instead of eggs) but it held together beautifully! Giant vats of homemade paneer, here we come! (Or perhaps not. As fun as it was, I don’t know that I’d want to make paneer regularly.)

I also finally sat down and wrote out my recipe for naan, which I’ll share soon, along with the recipe for this palak paneer. (I promise!)

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