Bento: Anda Bhurji (Scrambled Eggs)

Bento: Anda Bhurji (Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs)

Main: Anda bhurji (spicy Indian scrambled eggs) with buttered toast soliders.

Sides: Spanakopita and sweet corn.

Fruits/Vegetables: Snow peas and red grapes.

Today’s bento is pretty simple. Anda Bhurji is a style of hard scrambled eggs that is very popular in India. It can be served as a main meal, a side dish, or even a snack. In North India, it’s usually served with a parantha or two, but I hear that in South India, it’s served with pav (a soft white bread). Today, it was easier to just do toast soliders, although in the future I should really try sending it off with paranthas.

Given the relative richness of the eggs and toast, I kept everything else fairly simple. I baked up some Spanakopita triangles in the toaster oven, because who doesn’t love some Spanakopita in their lunch, and then added some sweet corn, snow peas, and red grapes. I almost added some blueberries as well, but decided not to at the last minute. I mean, clearly, it would have been too much. Right?

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