Bento: Butter Chicken with Naan

Bento: Butter Chicken with Naan

Main: Butter chicken with naan.

Sides: Pickled onions and roasted brussels sprouts.

Fruits/Vegetables: Broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

Snack: Strawberry yogurt.

While I was making this batch of naan, I realized something important: I need to write down my naan recipe. It’ll give me a definitive recipe so that I’m not always choosing a recipe at more or less random and then winging it when I don’t like what the recipe in front of me has to say. I have yet to find an existing recipe that does everything right.

The problem, really, is that naan is meant to be baked in a tandoor, and western ovens just don’t get that hot. Over the years, I’ve pretty much perfected my technique for shaping and baking naan through a process of mashing together every trick and technique I could find on the internet. It results in a tender, buttery, better-than-the-restaurant naan. All I need to do is write it down.

The pickled onions in this bento were made from this recipe. It calls for red onions, but I wound up using yellow onions because, (sigh) the desire to make this didn’t hit me until almost midnight last night. I worked from what I had on hand, which happened to be everything but the red onions.

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