Bento: Quiche Lorraine

Bento: Quiche Lorraine

Main: Mini Quiche Lorraine with scallions and half a cherry tomato as garnish.

Sides: Broiled asparagus and sauteed peas.

Fruits/Vegetables: Raspberries, strawberries, grapes, orange chunks.

Snacks: Brie, cherry tomatoes, Ritz crackers, and extra-sharp cheddar.

Of all the things in this bento, the thing that makes me proudest is the crust for the quiche. I’ve always favored an all-butter crust, but my technique has been stuck somewhere between crumbly and flaky in the end product. In preparing this last round of pastry dough, I’ve finally turned out a flaky, buttery crust without too much fuss. (I don’t use a food processor for my pastry dough, so “too much fuss” is an expected part of the process.)

It turns out that I needed to use a slightly heavier hand in forming the dough. I had been so afraid that the heat of my hands would melt the butter into the flour that I think I went a little overboard on handling the dough as little as humanly possible. With this mistake corrected, the crust came out perfect.

On the whole, this bento is a little heavier on the fruit than I usually like, but it’s the end of the week and I’d hate to see these things go bad.

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